Can the Black Nation Separate Themselves from the devil?

Allah wants to kill your Open Enemy, but You're Standing in the Way!

The scientists wanted to kill us all including the devils, back when the devils time was up in 1914. Because Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, loved us some much; He decided to come Himself and save us. Our Saviour found one from among us and raised him up to be His messenger for our people here in the Hells and Wilderness of North America. After Our Saviour taught His messenger for three years and four or five months He left mysteriously the same way he arrived.

A grace period has been in effect since 1914. From 1930 to 1975, between Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaching the Black Nation in America, the Black Nation has had the opportunity to gain knowledge of themselves and their open enemy. After 1975 from among the small number of people within the Black Nation that said they were believers; seven out of ten failed the divine test that was put on them by Allah in the form of the Messenger's son, Wallace Muhammad. Even today in 2023, Allah is showing the Black Nation divine mercy by giving more time to the Black Nation in America to decide if they want to separate from the devil or not?

Remember Allah wants you to separate from your open enemy. So when the warfare starts you'll be out of harm's way. This is why the Messenger taught us that separation is more important to teach than prayer.

The devil knows he is going to lose the war. He just wants to take as many Black people into destruction with himself as possible. Separate yourself from the devil. See and wait for that dreadful day; don't wait and see.