Code of Conduct


This means that ALL BELIEVERS must strictly obey these laws at all times to the best of their abilities. Allah is the best knower. These laws are for your success and your protection.

1. Obey Allah and his Messenger. Believe the message that Allah has sent to you and me by His Messenger.

2. Obedience to The Messenger of Allah is obedience to Allah as The Messenger is the bearer of Allah's Message. Respect to The Messenger is therefore respect to Allah.

3. Worship no God but Allah; the one The Messenger represents to us.

4. Fear no one but Allah.

5. Obey those in authority among you, and obey non-believers in authority over you, as long as it does not conflict with your religion.

6. It is forbidden to commit fornication or adultery.

7. It is forbidden to commit indecent acts on another (sodomy).

8. Is is forbidden to eat swine (pig) or any of its by-products.

9. Insubordination, slack talk, and gossip are not allowed at any time.

10. Do not lust after anyone or anything.

11. Do not associate with those in bad standing or out of the temple (Brotherhood).

12. Duty demands that you report all slackness, weakness, and wrong doings within your unit.

13. Do not deal with hypocrites or show sympathy towards them.

14. No gambling of any kind (numbers, lottery, dice, cards, horses, or other games of chance).

15. No smoking of anything (weed, cigarettes, cigars, or pipes).

16. No drugs (dope, illegal drugs, heroine, cocaine, crack, speed, inhaling chemicals).

17. No drinking of alcoholic beverages (beer, whiskey, wine, champagne, or other intoxicants).

18. You must be clean at all times (mind and body) at home or abroad.

19. No lying at any time (speak the truth regardless of circumstance).

20. No stealing.

21. Do not commit acts of violence on ourselves or others.

22. Do unto others as you want them to do to you.

23. Keep up prayer and charity.

24. Spend of what Allah has given you in the cause of Islam.

25. Love your brother believer as you love yourself.

26. Want the same for your brother believer as you want for yourself.

27. Be kind and do good to all.

28. Kill no one whom Allah has not ordered to be killed.

29. Maintain your post until properly relieved.

30. Do not feel, pat, rub, or touch sisters to disrespect them. Respect all sisters as you would respect your mother.

31. Do not stare at sisters or watch the movements of their bodies as they walk.

32. Do not talk Brotherhood business with outsiders or on the telephone.

33. Do not talk N.O.I. affairs outside of the N.O.I. meetings with anyone (including wife and family).

Declaration of support, recording of Saviour's Letter, participation in sanctioned Kingdom of Islam events, and/or usage of our website constitutes agreement with this Code of Conduct.