Happy Independence Day July 4th 1930

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Decline of the Dollar

Black men and Black women working together processing food from the farm

Decline of the Dollar

The strong-hold of the American government is falling to pieces. She has lost her prestige among the nations of the earth. One of the greatest powers of America was her dollar. The loss of such power will bring any nation to weakness, for this is the media of exchange between nations. The English pound and the American dollar have been the power and beckoning light of these two great powers. But when the world went off the gold and silver standard, the financial doom of England and America was sealed. The pound has lost 50 percent of its value. America’s dollar has lost everything now as power backing for her currency, which was backed by gold for every $5 note and up. All of her currency was backed by silver, from a $1 note up. But today, the currency of America is not backed by any sound value - silver or gold. The note today is something that the government declares they will give you the value in return, but does not name what the value is. But they definitely are not backing their currency with silver or gold. This is the number - one fall, and it is very clear that the loss of the power of the American dollar means the loss of the financial power of America. What will happen since there is no sound backing for her notes we do not know.

“ You don't need the enemy to give you a break. If you go for Self you give your own self a break.”

Where did the money come from the white man used to build jobs for himself and us? We should think that we are the Original people of the Earth, so why can’t we do a better job than he. We have been free for the last one hundred years or more. What have we made for ourselves? Nothing but trouble by trying to force the white man to build jobs for us. We go to war with him: “If you don't make a job for me, Mr. White Man…” If he has freed you then make your own job. But if you think you are not free and you want to be a slave right on for him then go and tell him, "I am still a slave. Make me a job." Make your glory for yourself. Stop laying around the other fellow’s gate begging him to make you a glorious place. I think that you know that we are called Muslims (and are Muslims) and you are one but you don’t know it. We are going ahead trying to till the earth. I told you a few years ago that it is where everything comes from: your food, your clothes, your shelter they all come from that place we call farm. We can’t be too proud to be called farmers. I say the day has arrived that if you don’t have a farm you will not be able to live off the other man’s farm. You must have a farm to eat. You must have a farm to wear good clothes. You must have a farm to live in a good home.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad