Happy Independence Day July 4th 1930

Kingdom of Islam

The Universal Delilah

A white woman and Black Man celebrating on their wedding day

The Universal Delilah

I say Brothers and Sisters, “Wake up.” The height of ignorance is a Black Woman wanting to marry a white man (her murderer) or a Black Man wanting to marry a white woman (his murderer). You must remember the parable of Delilah: She was for her people, not for Samson. Samson was the strong man who her people didn’t like. She only wanted to find out his wisdom of strength. He tried to shun her, but later he gave in because she was unalike and she was smarter than Samson to give up himself to her. Remember, that was put there for us. We are the Samson of this Time. But, we can destroy ourselves by giving over to the enemy all of our secrets. Some of the Brothers call them “Uncle Tom.” I don’t think you should put the “Uncle” there.

The Bible says that Delilah was a terrible, tricky woman. She tricked Samson going and coming and Samson was so foolish as to let her trick him. She says to Samson, “Oh, Samson, where lies your strength?” That was enough for Samson to be warned, and not to be foolish. If she was so anxious to find out where his great strength lay, he should have been smart enough to never tell it, especially when she was not one of his people. After he found out that she was putting one over on him, he went right back and let her trick him again.

You are the mighty Samson! Please, Brother, do not let Delilah’s sister (descendant) trick you like that. They are falsely making love with you. They love you only to take you to the same fire that they are headed for. This means a modern Samson, and there is a modern Delilah who is out there looking at you, winking her blue eyes only to try to wink you into Hell. They don’t love you today any more than they loved you yesterday. But they are out to get you to go to Hell with them, believe it or not.

The Truth that I am teaching you is to make you have a knowledge of yourself and a knowledge of the enemy (the devil, blue-eyed Caucasian). My young brothers, do not grab these blue-eyed gals of his. They are doing this today to get you away from the God of your Salvation. The girl has been taught a long time, so when this day comes that she will sweet-heart with you, and she will blind you to the knowledge of the Time, so that you won't recognize what she is doing. She will make you think that, "We just now realized that we have to live as one people". You, yet blind, say, "Yes, that's right." No! Understand what she means. She means that the Time has arrived that she will make you to think that she is in love with you and she will marry you. But you are in for Hell. She will try to entice you, and work on the very nature of you. She will go nude in front of you. Think over that. “He gives them the woman, corrupting themselves.” That is in your Bible.

“ 10. We believe that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited. We want the religion Islam taught without hindrance or suppression. ”

My beloved Brothers, I say flee from her. She is the Universal Delilah. That’s what that parable was put in the Bible for. See how Delilah deceived Samson, the strongest man. You are yet the strongest man. You are yet the wisest man, but no one has brought you back to the true wisdom of yourself, the power that it will have, and it will make others to succumb at your feet. This Little Atom, (Myself) God raised up from among you to teach you these things. There is nothing secret now about them. God has revealed the secret of them. That secret is in the head of the Man whose teachings you are reading now.

The devil is made unalike to attract you. Their father, Yakub, who made them was the founder of unlike attracts and alike repel. The only way that he could get his people to attract you is to get them before you, who is created unlike them. This unlikeness will attract you. So they are using it boldly today to get you to go to Hell with them. They know that they can’t overcome the Black God, because He made them.

So the devil tells his women, “Go now and attract them. Tempt them so that they will believe in us and become deserving of Hell fire with us.” You can never be one of them. You can only believe them and follow them. You could never be one of them unless you were grafted out of your present Self into what they are in. Your marrying and intermixing with them will never make you like them. You will become contaminated, but the blood that has the origin of what you are, can’t be destroyed as easily as that.

I love you and I hate to see the devil trample all over you. I am willing to do everything, even to giving My life, to keep you from going down with this devil. This is all that he is after. You should know that the devil in the North and the South would not give you his women today, if he was not trying to get you to go to Hell with him. But it is written in the Bible that he gives them the woman, corrupting themselves. Don’t take his ugly, blue-eyed woman. They are not good women. They are ugly women.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad