Happy Independence Day July 4th 1930

Kingdom of Islam

The Universal Famine

Starving Black boys with their hands out begging for something to eat

The Universal Famine

Elijah. “I will send you Him before the great and dreadful Day of the Lord comes.” Do you see anything pretty out there coming? We don’t see anything out there but a dreadful time. You are going to be so hungry here until you will desire to eat each other. If the other one doesn’t watch you, you will do it. It is written. If you can’t get something to eat, certainly you will fall on each other. You will find that in your Bible. When Universal Famine comes on the world you will eat dogs, if you can find one. You will eat anything that will destroy your hunger. The Bible says that Allah’s righteous people will eat, but you unrighteous and disbelievers will be hungry. The devil is warning you all of the time now, against sitting down and not trying to make preparations for getting something to eat. We are not thinking of anyone making us hungry unless it is Allah (God), and He came to feed us as it is written, "My righteous servant shall eat, but ye shall go hungry." And, America, hunger is staring at you now. Unemployment-you cannot buy the food that you used to buy, for you have nothing to buy it with. This is why I plead with you to come join up with me and let us go to the earth and grow our food not go walking around the city with a basket for the devil to drop food into--he will not help you for he will not have any food to drop into his own basket. He has not only food stored up, but he has clothes stored up. He has plenty of this, but that does not mean that he cannot come to hunger and nakedness if Allah (God) strikes at him. Allah (God) brings the wicked into desolation before they can get started to strike back.

“ You say, "Why should I go out there and work and grow a crop when you are prophesying Judgment?" I say, "Brother, if Judgment comes tomorrow, you've got to eat today!”

For more than 40 long years, I have been calling on you to accept Heaven at once. You are rejecting it. You want it from the white man. I say, my friends, that today you have to do something for yourself. I say that the white man has done a great thing for you to give you education how to go for yourself. I again give the white man credit for even trying to feed you when you are hungry. You are begging him and won’t work for Self! This is right. I say he is very nice to you because if I had a whole Nation of people into the millions and they would not go out and do something for themselves, I would sit down on them. I would. But he nurses you like the slave or like his fathers did when you were under them in servitude slavery. He still nurses you - gives you bread and water, clothes, shelter, money, jobs, just to keep you with him. That is all now. He pulls the string if too much is coming down and turns it off. He keeps you in that position. He doesn’t try to help us go for Self. He doesn’t want us going for ourselves. He wants us a subject people to himself. Regardless to you being free, he still wants you to remain with him. He will give you today, not yesterday, but today, better jobs - if you will go along with him and stay with him. He knows that this is the Days of Your deliverance. He knows that a God has visited you. He knows that God has raised up a Messenger as a guide to you. They are very wise - a long way from dumb. It is you that is dumb. They don’t want you going out building for Self. They want you to ask them to build. That means you are their slave. He doesn’t want you going out farming even as much as making your own food. That means that you soon will be stuffing your stomachs with bread and meat that you raised; and he cannot profit from that. Think it over.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad