Frequently Asked Questions

  • "All of the answers to your questions are within you."
Beautiful Black Baby holding the Planet Earth in his hand

The Kingdom of Islam is being restored by The Mahdi. First the peace breakers then the disbelievers will be removed from the planet. It is our job as Allah's Chosen People here in the Hells and Wilderness of North America to position ourselves to survive not only to see the hereafter; We are to Rule the hereafter as well.

THE DUTY of the Black Man is to do something for his Black self and Black kind. THE DUTY of the BLACK MAN IS self-preservation. The Messenger teaches us: "God and I love you so well that He sent Me to tell you these things to make gods out of you. A Saviour is born to teach us the knowledge of how to become Self-Saviours."

Our lessons teach us not to wait on that mystery god. Master Fard Muhammad may not physically return. The Messenger teaches us: "You don't need the enemy to give you a break. If you go for Self you give your own self a break." Allah helps those Who help themselves.

If a man doesn't leave behind a family legacy (children that follow along the path he prescribed); then when he dies it is as if he was never born. The Black man's duty is to Allah not a person. If you failed before learn from it and keep striving forward. Your duty to Allah doesn't end until your physical body is laid to rest.

The Messenger's work was to wake you up completely and make you to command your own way now. You must lay hold to the rule and rule the people of the Earth. The Black man of the Earth must rule. Remember always that a leader is not one who says, Follow me. A leader is one who says, I'll go first.

If you are a descendant of slaves here in the Hells and Wilderness of North America then You were Chosen by Allah. However everyone must make their own choice. Not to decide is to decide. You can choose Allah or you can choose the devil, however the choice is yours and yours alone.

Allah, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad came to the Hells and Wilderness of North America to give His chosen people an opportunity to be saved. You have the knowledge, now you must apply it (wisdom). The Messenger told the devil those of his people that did not want to return to Islam, the devil could do with them as he pleased.