Happy Independence Day July 4th 1930


  • "Allah put you on this Earth for a reason.
    You have something to contribute; so don't wait contribute today."

We Want To Make A New Nation; Get That In Your Mind

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Volunteer for the Kingdom of Islam

Black Nation YOU are the Kingdom of Islam!

Don't Wait for others, because others are Waiting for You

Don't worry about what you can't do. Do what you can.

Truth is welcome among those who seek it.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Ready to bring FREEDOM, JUSTICE, EQUALITY, ISLAM back to the planet?

"My work is to wake you up completely and make you to command your own way now. You must lay hold to the rule and rule the people of the Earth. The Black man of the Earth must rule. I am sorry Black Brother who is abroad, we are raised up to rule the next world which will be all Black. A class of Rulers must be prepared to rule that people. We are the ones." - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad