Happy Independence Day July 4th 1930

Meet The Kingdom of Islam

  • "We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For"
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Laying the Foundation of The Kingdom of Islam

After the Fall of America: it will be over 1,000 years before all of the peace breakers and disbelievers are removed from the planet.

Our Role Is To:

Build a government with Allah as the Head and the Black man as God Ruling the planet Earth; based upon the teachings of The Messenger of Allah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

  • Network and build with like minded people.
  • Acquire some land to survive the coming Fall of America.
  • Build a government based upon The Messenger's teachings.
  • Rule the planet Earth and then the entire Universe.


Successors to The Messenger


Days (Years) of Judgment


Years to remove peace breakers


Years to remove disbelievers


The duty of the Black man is to do something for his Black self and Black kind. The duty of the Black man is self-preservation. Every life that is created on the planet earth has a duty. It is bound to this duty, by nature, to do something for self. - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

If Allah wants you to do a thing what right do you have to say no. As long as it the right thing for the right reason go ahead and do it; Allah will back you. Fear no one but Allah. Allah does not want Us to fight; Allah wants to fight the white man for Us. It is our duty to do for self, thus allowing us to make sure we stay out of the way, so Allah can fight our battles for Us. Allah is happy to fight on our behalf!

Let no one excel you in anything; love for your brother what you love for yourself. - Master Fard Muhammad

We must move quickly now, because Allah's patience with the Black man in the Hells and Wilderness of North America is growing short. Time waits for no man; including Us. The Messenger warned Us to go back to the land. If We don't farm We don't eat. Big fields are awaiting for the wide awake man to work out. The devil is rapidly forcing our people out of his systems if they don't voluntarily kill themselves by taking the so-called vaccine.

The Messenger always said accept it or leave it alone. No one will force you to save yourself or your family. Why wait, because tomorrow is not promised to you. The Kingdom of Islam is about beginning our duty to our Lord (Allah, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad). He choose Us to Rule the Planet. He is giving Us an opportunity to be the head and no longer the tail. The choice is yours and yours alone. The Kingdom of Islam is giving a home to all Black, red, brown people who are ready to save themselves and to help Allah build an independent nation for His chosen people.



Since our inception we have worked to connect with all students, followers, and disciples of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad who want to see a free and independent Black man here in the Hells and Wilderness of North America. The Messenger said there would be just enough saved to fill a taxicab.

Get Free Stay Free


When people think of Blaxit, they think of leaving America to go to another country. The plandemic has shown that the devil may make leaving this country or going to another country difficult. What is your Blaxit strategy if you are unable to leave the country?
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Build Support


We engage in a relentless public information campaign via internet marketing and other activities to increase support for our duty. The work is heavy when the hands are few. We don't talk much because we are to busy building. Click the button below to learn how you can help You.
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NOI History & Culture


The Kingdom of Islam understands the fundamental relationship between our unique culture and desire for independence. We acknowledge how important it is to preserve, educate, celebrate, and defend the history of the Nation of Islam as started by Master Fard Muhammad and His Messenger The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
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Righteous Government


From the day of our founding, the Kingdom of Islam has fought to hold our own KOI officials at every level accountable to the people who elected them. The Messenger warned us to not pray as a Muslim and act like Christians. Less talk more work. Allah helps those who help themselves.

Black Helping Black


The Kingdom of Islam believes that strong do for Black self and Black kind independent communities are the backbone of a strong Black independent nation. We believe that members of the Black nation can take care of our fellow members of the Black nation better than any program operated and administered by the devil.




Our Principles

The Kingdom of Islam was founded on set of unshakeable principles that guide all of our work.


The basic economic building block of the Kingdom of Islam is the entrepreneur.


It is encumbent upon every Black man to leave behind a family legacy. This is his Duty to the Mahdi.


There is no challenge that cannot be overcome by the individual initiative and collective will of the Black man.


The Kingdom of Islam should always be politically self-governing, culturally distinct, and economically independent.


Every member of the Kingdom of Islam possesses divine rights and has divine protection from Allah Himself.


Righteous Nation building is the primary secular cause of all Original people and is distinct and superior to all other secular causes.


The basic building block of the Kingdom of Islam is the individual. Everything starts from one and then it is magnified.


Black people in the Hells and Wilderness of North America constitute a distinct nation by every definition of the word.


The interests of Original people under the protection of the Mahdi supersede the interests of all other peoples, nations, and states.


The unique history of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam started by the Mahdi serves as the foundation for our current and future greatness.




We're bringing Freedom, Justice, Equality, Islam back to the planet earth.

Meet Our Team

Members of our Leadership Team are fulfilling our duty to making the planet earth free from peace breakers and disbelievers. We are preparing to be an independent, self-governing nation again free from devil influence or rule.






Advisory Board

Master Fard Muhammad


Master Fard Muhammad

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