Happy Independence Day July 4th 1930

What Will You Do For You?

The Duty of the Black Man is to do something for his Black self and Black kind. The Duty of the Black Man is self-preservation; which means Black Family legacy. Don't wait for others, because others are waiting for you; build your Nation today while you still can.

Six Black Family members posing for a picture at home

We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad passed in 1975 and according to Him He has no successor. The children suffer from the sins of thier fathers'. Big fields are awaiting for the wide awake man to work out. Will you sit at home and wait for that mystery God to bring you food? Don't turn around and look elsewhere; take a look in the mirror. If not you Black man than who?

Our Role Is To:

"My work is to wake you up completely and make you to command your own way now. You must lay hold to the rule and rule the people of the Earth. The Black man of the Earth must rule." - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

  • Everybody is good at something; how can you contribute?
  • Don't wait for others, because others are waiting for you.
  • The Black man must do all within his power to build a family legacy.
  • Islam is not for the weak minded; only those that apply the knowledge will gain the wisdom.


Prophesied will be Saved

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Will fill a Taxi Cab


Years America will Burn


Years to Cool Off

Upcoming Foretold Events

"The time that we are living in now is the Judgment of the white folks and America is number one. God has made the whole world turn against America in order to destroy her." - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Pushed to the Center of the Country

"And these judgments would push the people into the center of the country, and there they would realize that it is Allah (God) Who is bringing them and their country to a naught." - The Fall of America

Don't Farm Don't Eat

"When Universal Famine comes on the world you will eat dogs, if you can find one. You will eat anything that will destroy your hunger. The Bible says that Allah's righteous people will eat, but you unrighteous and disbelievers will be hungry. The devil is warning you all of the time now, against sitting down and not trying to make preparations for getting something to eat." - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Build Our Own Communities:

"Brothers, wake up and try to protect yourself and help yourself with others who are trying to protect themselves and make you back into what you were when the Heavens and Earth were created. You were created in good. You can't be anything but a good person. I am teaching you what God taught Me to teach you: never trust white people. They are by nature evil." - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

  • Let us teach and educate our own kind.
  • Let us live, work, and play with our own kind.
  • Let us build our own economies free from devil influence.
  • Let us grown our own food without interference from the devil.
  • Whatever Allah plans let us survive together with like minded persons.
a hilly country road in the summer time of middle america

Divine Sayings

"We are the root of mathematics. God Himself is Unit No. 1. Islam goes as far back as the root of mathematics. The root of mathematics goes as far back as Islam. Islam is the circle of peace and the diameter of happiness."

Saviour's Letter Agreement

Have you accepted Allah Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are Due forever, to be your Saviour? And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad as His Messenger?


Don't agree to something that you have little knowledge of. Have you acquired the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision?

What should you know?

A Name

A good name is better than gold. The lost-found members of the Tribe of Shabazz belong in one of the 100 names of Allah. What is your name?

Names of Allah


Help fulfill Our Saviour's mission and help bring forth The Kingdom of Islam. Register yourself and your family today while you still can.


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