Holy Quran and Bible (Part 2)


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The Holy Quran along side the Bible
  • By Clark Wakil
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  • Feb-14-2024

Listen to Holy Quran and Bible (Part 2):

THE POISON BOOK and the enemies of black mankind, who accuse the righteous daily of being other than righteous, then charge me, and my followers with teaching hatred, overlook the hatred taught by others. According to the Bible (Luke 14:26), "no man could be His disciple unless he hate his father, mother, children, brethren, and sisters, even his own life."

There are many people and especially my people saying that they love everyone. One who loves everyone is not a true lover of anyone, not even himself or herself.

If a righteous person loves an unrighteous person he or she is also unrighteous. Who could trust one who loves everyone? Jesus could not have loved His enemies (the white race) and died that they may be saved with His knowledge of that people being the children of the devil (John 8:44) and guilty of persecuting and killing the Prophets of Allah (God).

How could Jesus have love for such people who were bent upon killing Jesus Himself, and had lied and caused bloodshed Paradise four thousand (4,000) years before Jesus was born? Could God Himself be so weak that He couldn't produce a righteous nation, but was able to produce a righteous Son (without the agency of man) and then had to sacrifice His righteous Son, to the delight of His enemies, to bring about a reconciliation between Him and His enemies?

This same enemy who had raised hell in heaven, upset the peace there, and on earth, put angel against angel, sent them to war against each other, divided and scattered the holy people throughout the earth, and still doing the same today, but were so loved by God and His son, Jesus, that they can't give this race of enemies up to be destroyed for their evils? Oh, how you have and still gravely misunderstand the scriptures.

The only people whom God will give a son's life, so they may be reconciled is the American so-called Negroes. They are the ones who have sinned by following this race of people (the man of sin), without knowledge of either.

“Seventeen million of us from slavery should not rest until we are really free and on our own. ”

It is useless to think otherwise. We, are the only people who left our own native country to follow strangers (the white race) and become trapped by them for the past 400 years, and now we must have some place (a country) to ourselves like other nations to survive.

The entire earth belongs to black mankind. Shouldn't there be enough of it for you me to live on independently? There are 57,255,000 square miles of land out of water on it, and 29,000,000 square miles of that is producing land.

Seventeen million of us from slavery should not rest until we are really free and on our own. It is sheer ignorance for us as a nation in such number to be satisfied with anything less, but we can never be a free and recognized people until we give back or drop our slavemasters' names, their religion and churches.

I must keep repeating this to you, because these are your invisible chains of slavery that are and will hold you securely as a slave than visible chains.

Everything loves its own kind, the fowls of the air, after its kind, the beast and animals all by nature after their own kind. it is now very disgraceful for our people to be imitating our slavemasters and our women trying to look like them with paint and dye. Educators of our people should help in reforming our women into Islam.

The religion of Islam OPENS your EYES to self and your kind, and you feel and see yourself the equal of mankind for the first time.

It makes a new person of you altogether, and again for the first time you are in love with your people.

It is a religion of UNITY and brings you into unity with Allah (God) and His creatures. Islam teaches heaven and hell while you live, and this is true. How can one suffer hell or go to heaven after death? Our own nature is against such SLAVERY belief. After the return of our bodies to earth, what would you have left to send to heaven or hell?

The great time of a separation is now between the righteous and the devils (black and white), but the American so-called Negroes, my people, don't understand who they are or anyone else, and we must teach them regardless to the cost. Go to our temples one may be in your city or write me for the address at 5335 South Greenwood Ave., Chicago 15 Illinois.

Reprinted from the Pittsburgh Courier. July 14, 1956

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad


God Clark   A Fraction of Allah in the Person of Clark Wakil
One of the Gods of this Universe
Fulfilling My Duty as a Black man by Focusing on Self Preservation

Senior Consultant to the Kingdom of Islam

Clark is a senior consultant to the Kingdom of Islam. There is no big I's or little u's in Islam. Clark is always on the look out for Muslims acting like Christians. Clark is a member of the 12th Tribe, The Ruling Tribe; not to be confused with the 13th Tribe, or the God Tribe. Clark does what Allah ask him to do. Allah trust Clark a lot. Clark likes to rule what Allah brings into existence and Clark does it fairly. Clark is easily known. Clark was put away for a period of time, however that time period is over now. Clark has many things in life not working in his favor, however this is a sign to the wise. When Clark is able to lift himself up from the mud of devil civilization; why can't you Black man? Clark and others of like mind are the ones that we have been waiting for. As Michael Jackson said, look at the "Man in the Mirror".

When there is time to relax I enjoy watching mixed martial arts, playing a game of chess, and occasionally a good movie or TV show. When I am no longer fulfilling my duty of leaving a family legacy behind; I will have returned from which I came. Back to the negative free zone of the Sun. Remember there is plenty of time to rest when you're dead. Until then; Up You Mighty Black man and Accomplish what You Will!



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