How Did Master Fard Muhammad Die


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A Black man pondering many questions
  • By Clark Wakil
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  • Dec-27-2023

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Master Fard Muhammad is the One Who started the Nation of Islam. As a Master He was able to speak over a dozen languages and write close to a dozen of them perfectly. According to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad He was even able to speak the language of birds. He could also recite from memory the histories of the world as far back as 150,000 years ago. Master Fard Muhammad is the Independent spiritual head of the Nation of Islam.

Master Fard Muhammad began his mission in Detroit, Michigan in the neighborhoods of Black Bottom and Paradise Valley. The Mahdi would go door to door in the Black neighborhoods introducing Himself as a salesman. Our Saviour would start conversations among the Black people telling them about themselves and their history and how they wound up as freed slaves to the devil in America. This was knowledge never heard before by anyone at that time; only 70 years removed from slavery. Master Fard Muhammad established the first Temple; Temple No. 1. Our Saviour established the Fruit of Islam classes for men and Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class for women. The Mahdi established the Restrictive laws, warnings, forms, lessons, and various orders. The Mahdi also opened the University of Islam in 1932. By the time the devil knew what was happening Master Fard Muhammad had already established the ground work for a new Nation and had 25,000 followers in less than a years time.

“Whether the Mahdi is still physically alive or not is not important. ”

The Mahdi’s birthday is February 26, 1877; otherwise known as Saviour’s Day. At the time of this writing that would make Him 145 years old. The longest lived God on record was around a thousand years old. The Mahdi is so wise that the scientists are unable to see an end to His rule. If the previous Gods could live close to a thousand years old surely Fard Muhammad could do the same if He chose to do so. For a man as wise as the Mahdi it is not hard to imagine that He could still be alive today in present time. Master Fard Muhammad, in the Supreme Wisdom Lessons He broke down mathematically how the devil caused the Black man to get sick and die at an early age. The Messenger had published not one but two books on “How to Eat to Live”; which are teachings from the Mahdi on how to extend one’s life from one hundred to one thousand years. The Mahdi teaches mathematically how eating the proper foods for one meal each day would extend our lives to 140 years. Fard Muhammad also states if trained properly in how to eat to live from a baby until adulthood one should be able to live until 240 years old. Master Fard Muhammad further explains that if you eat once every 72 hours or two meals every six days it would extend our lives to a span of 1,000 years. The reason for this is that there is no poison from the previous meal three days ago which has enough power to do you any harm. The fast destroys the accumulation of food poison in the body. Even the white man has proven to his scientists that eating less calories extends the lifespan. Master Fard Muhammad, Our Saviour, has the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to be alive today if that is what He wills it to be.

The Mahdi declared Himself to the world on July 4, 1930 and disappeared from the Hells and Wilderness of North America by 1934. There is no evidence to suggest that Master Fard Muhammad is dead. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of The Messenger’s teachings suggest Master Fard Muhammad could be alive if that is His will. Whether the Mahdi is still physically alive or not is not important. Master Fard Muhammad completed His mission by raising up one from among the Lost-Found Nation of Islam. What’s important now is to do as The Messenger stated and for the Black man to become Self-Saviour’s of Self and kind.

is master fard muhammad still alive


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