I am Allah, The Best Knower


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An image of a Black God dressed as a king.
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  • Apr-24-2024

Listen to I Am Allah The Best Knower:

THERE are many other chapters of the Holy Quran Sharrieff that opens with the above words, "ALLAH IS THE BEST KNOWER. The beautiful teachings of the Holy Quran has no equal in other scriptures.

All so-called Negro preachers should have one, but be sure it is one translated by Yusuf Ali, or Maulvi Muhammad Ali. Any other translation of the Holy Quran by Christian authors is as poisonous to the reader as a rattlesnake.

What I am trying to make clear in this column is that, white people don't believe in Allah and Islam, nor the prophets of Allah. Why then, should you seek the truth of it from them? You will soon come to know that you should not seek any truth from them. They have you following in the wrong direction, and hope to keep you like that; but by my Allah's Power and Wisdom, and my life's blood, you shall know the TRUTH even against your own will.

They (white people) have nearly all of the poor-black preachers on their side to oppose Allah, myself and Islam, the true religion of the righteous. They will fall and be brought to disgrace as Pharaoh's magicians and himself were by Allah and Moses, His servant. You must come face to face with Allah (God) for you have not known Him, nor His religion, as Israel had not known God by His name JEHOVAH (Exodus 6:3)

They felt that they shouldn't believe Moses' representation of God by any other name than God Almighty, regardless to Moses' stress upon JEHOVAH as being the God of their Fathers. Pharaoh had not used that name (JEHOVAH), so Israel wouldn't accept it until a showdown between Jehovah and Pharaoh. I would not like to have you wait until a showdown between Allah and the modern Pharaoh's people, therefore I come to you with the truth verifying that which is before it, and giving good news to the believers that, they most certainly shall have Heaven in this life. I also come to you with a warning to you who disbelieve that you most certainly shall have a hell in this life, and in the hereafter you most certainly will be among the losers, or do they say "He has forged it?" Nay, it is the truth from your Lord, that you may warn a people to whom no warning has come before, that they may follow the right direction (Holy Quran 32:3).

“They (white people) have nearly all of the poor-black preachers on their side to oppose Allah,”

You say, "Who is this Allah, and this religion Islam?" Know my people the Divine Supreme Being has 99 attributes that make up His name and Allah is the 100th. Surely His are the most Beautiful Names. He will make Himself known to the world that He is God and besides Him there is no God, and that I am His Messenger that Islam is a religion backed by the Power of Allah (God) to free you from the hands of your merciless enemies (the slavemasters) once and forever.

You are living under the very shadow of death, murdered daily, and the white murderers are never killed for doing so. They shoot our women down as well as our boys and men, with nothing done about it but talk. AWAKE! my people, unite with me and Allah, your God, and believe in His true religion Islam. Allah will grant you power to overcome your enemies though their power may look as endurable as the mountains.

FEAR NOT! Allah is the BEST KNOWER. Armageddon has started, and after it there will be no Christian religion, nor churches. Jesus was a MUSLIM, not a Christian as you believe.

You may secure a Holy Quran and other Islamic teachings from Saikh Muhammad Ashraf, Lahore, Pakistan. Go back to your religion, Islam and Allah your God, Write me, if you desire, at Muhammad's Temple No. 2 Inc., 5335 so. Greenwood Avenue., Chicago, Ill.

Reprinted from the Pittsburgh Courier. December 29, 1956

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad


God Clark   A Fraction of Allah in the Person of Clark Wakil
One of the Gods of this Universe
Fulfilling My Duty as a Black man by Focusing on Self Preservation

Senior Consultant to the Kingdom of Islam

Clark is a senior consultant to the Kingdom of Islam. There is no big I's or little u's in Islam. Clark is always on the look out for Muslims acting like Christians. Clark is a member of the 12th Tribe, The Ruling Tribe; not to be confused with the 13th Tribe, or the God Tribe. Clark does what Allah ask him to do. Allah trust Clark a lot. Clark likes to rule what Allah brings into existence and Clark does it fairly. Clark is easily known. Clark was put away for a period of time, however that time period is over now. Clark has many things in life not working in his favor, however this is a sign to the wise. When Clark is able to lift himself up from the mud of devil civilization; why can't you Black man? Clark and others of like mind are the ones that we have been waiting for. As Michael Jackson said, look at the "Man in the Mirror".

When there is time to relax I enjoy watching mixed martial arts, playing a game of chess, and occasionally a good movie or TV show. When I am no longer fulfilling my duty of leaving a family legacy behind; I will have returned from which I came. Back to the negative free zone of the Sun. Remember there is plenty of time to rest when you're dead. Until then; Up You Mighty Black man and Accomplish what You Will!



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