If God Was Your Father, You Would Love Me


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Black man and white man are not the same.
  • By Clark Wakil
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  • Apr-17-2024

Listen to If God Was Your Father, You Would Love Me:

READ and study the above chapter of John 8:42-44, all of you, who are Christians, believers in the Bible and Jesus, as you say. if you understand it right, you will agree with me that the whole Caucasian race is a race of devils in the Garden of Paradise and were condemned 4,000 years later by Jesus.

Likewise, they are condemned today, by the Great Mahdi Muhammad, as being nothing but devils in the plainest language. The so-called American Negroes have been deceived and blinded by their unlikeness, soft, smooth, buttered words, eye-winking, back-patting, a false show of friendship and handshaking.

The above-mentioned acts, with the exception of handshaking by men is a disgrace to any decent, intelligent person. Know the truth and be free of such disgrace to you.

Surely, if the Father of the two people (black and white) was the same, the two would love each other. In a family where the children are of one father, they love each other because they are of the same flesh and blood.

It is natural then for them to love each other. Again, it is not unnatural then for a member or members of a different race or nation not to love the non-member of their race or nation as their own.

“Likewise, they are condemned today, by the Great Mahdi Muhammad, as being nothing but devils in the plainest language.”

The nature in-which we are created just won't allow us to be like that and it works the same in all things living that have a bit of intelligence, including the birds, animals and beasts.

The argument here between Jesus and the Jews is, the Jews claim they all were the same people (children) of one God or Father, but this Jesus disagreed with and proved they were not from the same Father (God).

He, having a knowledge of both Fathers, knew their Father (Devil) before his fall, and before he had produced his children (the white race) of whom the Jews are members. Here, in this chapter (John 8), it shows there was no love in the Jews for Jesus.

Write and join your own. Write to Muhammad's Temple No. 2, Inc., 5335 So. Greenwood Ave., Chicago 15, Ill.

Reprinted from the Pittsburgh Courier. December 15, 1956

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad


God Clark   A Fraction of Allah in the Person of Clark Wakil
One of the Gods of this Universe
Fulfilling My Duty as a Black man by Focusing on Self Preservation

Senior Consultant to the Kingdom of Islam

Clark is a senior consultant to the Kingdom of Islam. There is no big I's or little u's in Islam. Clark is always on the look out for Muslims acting like Christians. Clark is a member of the 12th Tribe, The Ruling Tribe; not to be confused with the 13th Tribe, or the God Tribe. Clark does what Allah ask him to do. Allah trust Clark a lot. Clark likes to rule what Allah brings into existence and Clark does it fairly. Clark is easily known. Clark was put away for a period of time, however that time period is over now. Clark has many things in life not working in his favor, however this is a sign to the wise. When Clark is able to lift himself up from the mud of devil civilization; why can't you Black man? Clark and others of like mind are the ones that we have been waiting for. As Michael Jackson said, look at the "Man in the Mirror".

When there is time to relax I enjoy watching mixed martial arts, playing a game of chess, and occasionally a good movie or TV show. When I am no longer fulfilling my duty of leaving a family legacy behind; I will have returned from which I came. Back to the negative free zone of the Sun. Remember there is plenty of time to rest when you're dead. Until then; Up You Mighty Black man and Accomplish what You Will!



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