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Side by side images of The Mahdi and an asset working for the FBI
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  • Dec-24-2023

Listen to Master Fard Muhammad FBI Files:

Reprinted from Muhammad Speaks: August 16, 1963 by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

I, Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, told the Los Angeles "Herald-Examiner" Office on Monday, July 29, 1963, that my followers and I will pay the Los Angeles "Herald-Examiner" Newspaper $100,000 (one hundred, thousand dollars) to prove the headline charge ("BLACK MUSLIM FOUNDER EXPOSED AS A WHITE") made against us; that we are following one Wallace Dodd with many aliases including the name, Fard; that he is the man that I am representing to my people as being Master Fard Muhammad (Allah in Person) who appeared among us in Detroit, Michigan, in 1931 and is the same person (Wallace Dodd).

The Los Angeles "Herald-Examiner" also printed his prison history in San Quentin Federal Penitentiary on a charge of peddling dope and that he admitted he was teaching us.

If he (Dodd) was teaching for money in those panic days in Detroit, he did not get it from us. Mr. Dodd, undoubtedly, must have been teaching the white people if he received any money at all, because we did not have any.

WE DID NOT pay Mr. Fard any money to teach us and there are many who will verify this statement who are yet alive. We could hardly pay the rent of a hall in those days. Sometime they (the Believers) would give Him (Master Fard Muhammad) gifts such as topcoats, overcoats, ties, shirts, or a few packages of handkerchiefs, but money was so scarce in those days that we just did not have any. Just about everyone who believes was on the "Relief" in Detroit including myself.

I would like the Los Angeles "Herald-Examiner" to prove that this man (Dodd) was my teacher by bringing him to this country at our expense.

Mr. Wallace Fard Muhammad, Whom Praises are due forever, the Finder and Life Giver to we, the Lost Found Members of that great Asiatic Black Nation from the Tribe of Shabazz, speaks 16 different languages. Can Mr. Wallace Dodd speak 16 different languages?

MR. WALLACE Fard Muhammad also writes 10 of the languages He speaks fluently. His native language is Arabic (does Mr. Dodd speak Arabic?) of which we have in His handwriting and it is the best writing or penmanship in the Arab world.

“And now these smart, scientific tricksters are trying to prevent them from enjoying a permanent salvation that Allah, (God) under the name of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom all Praises are due, has offered us.”

Let Mr. Dodd prove that he was among us; prove that he gave us our names. Let Mr. Dodd prove who was his secretary and where were the identification cards printed of which we have with us today and did he write the Arabic on them himself?

If Mr. Dodd was The Mr. Wallace Fard Muhammad, why did not the F.B.I. arrest him for this teaching of truth? Let this paper prove these things before it headlines us as liars and worshippers of white devils.

I would like to ask the Herald-Examiner to give us a minute closeup of this fake (Mr. Dodd) who they would like to make the public believe is our Saviour. Even the description of this man's height and weight does not correspond to Master Fard Muhammad's, (to whom Praises are due forever) measurements. I know His height, His weight, the size of clothes, and shoes.

WHEN MASTER Fard Muhammad left us, it was in 1934. Again, let Mr. Dodd prove that he and I were together and that the Lessons that I am teaching to my followers are from him, and where were they given to me and did he ever examine me on what he gave me, and where?

There are many questions that I could ask this Mr. Dodd about, that would prove to the world that this man is a fake that the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner has published. We believe this by the reasoning of such unfounded truth.

Let the Herald-Examiner Newspaper put us in contact with this Mr. Wallace Dodd. We will show the world that the entire statement is false; that this Mr. Wallace Dodd is not Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are due forever.

I HAVE warned you against allowing the devils to trick you into believing their false propaganda which they are spreading all over the world. And especially among the so-called Negroes who have been the perfect model slaves for 400 years and yet do not have freedom, justice, and equality from the slave masters.

And now these smart, scientific tricksters are trying to prevent them from enjoying a permanent salvation that Allah, (God) under the name of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom all Praises are due, has offered us.

We who believe in him are a living proof of this offer that we are now being blessed with, even though we are afflicted with persecution and death.

You have those whom the Prophets prophesied of in Washington and in Rome (the Catholics) to deceive the whole world and especially the so-called Negroes. Look in your poison book, the Bible: Revelation 12:9-13:4,8; 14- 14:11-20:10- and 21:8.


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