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Master Fard Muhammad's older Sister
  • By Clark Wakil
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  • Dec-13-2023

Listen to Master Fard Muhammad Sister:


In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, To Whom Praise is due forever, The Lord of the worlds.

Brothers and Sisters, I'm so happy to see your smiling faces, who have come here from far and near to help us give thanks to Almighty God, Allah, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises is due Forever.

A Saviour's Day! Think about what we are here to worship. A Saviour's Day! Who is Lost that we had to have a Saviour's Day?

You may be seated.

I am a very happy man. A little small atom. I'm so small, you have to look for me, but if you keep your ears open, you will hear me. We have lots of people that is making our Saviour's Day Worship one of the most beautiful ones I ever saw. Coming in, we saw just a wall of our believers and our people that is seeking to learn what a Saviour's Day looks like. We have plenty people in this country, millions of them, that would be here if they understood, as you and me. Think over what day we say we are worshiping. A Saviour's Day!

We have been lost so long. Had been lost, excuse my English, so long that it has taken one that loved us. It has taken one that was made for us out of the two people to come and seek to find us and after finding us he had to have the power to save and deliver us.

This man had to be prepared. He was not already made and formed. He had to be prepared a form to get among us. He could not come as He was, in the spiritual form of the Nation's mind.

So His father had to prepare this man to come find us and then take us from our captors. We have to be taken. This is why that He, Himself, had to come. "Even I..", says the prophet, "...I will go after them. I will search the earth until I find them." A great lover with all power and with the eye to search the earth to locate that lost one.

We are a very beloved people, for God, Himself, to come an search the Earth and the Nations to find we that was lost. We are greatly beloved for God, Himself, to search the Earth for us. That's a beloved people.

He's so greatly in love His people that He threatened the whole population of the Earth to give them up. He said to me. He said that if you had been here in the days of Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) he would have come and gotten you himself.

That shows how important you are, that God will not allow one of us to be lost. Not say hundreds or thousands, but not one should be lost. He prepared Saviours to come for you. He says, in the Bible, "I will send Saviours after you."

If we are that important in the eyes of God and in the eyes of His angels that He will send Saviours. He will send a whole host of them after you. They shall gather you from the West and bring you, again, to your own.

This is the day. A Saviour's Day! One born on this day...Think over that! save this poor lost people that has been lost from their own over four hundred years. Going after them. "Even I", He says, "I will go". Not send, but "I'm going myself."

As some of us know that this has been practiced under secrecy, for a long time. But, today, He has arrived. Not King Solomon, but God, The King.

We are going to get over to you the History of This Man, Who is The Almighty God in Person, as He gave it to me.

He says to me, beginning His History -- that I want you to listen carefully to -- that His father was a Black man, very much so. And His mother was a white woman.

He said that His father knew he could not be successful in coming to a solid white country, and he being a solid Black man. So, He says to me, or rather He taught me, that His father said, "I will go and make me a son. And I will send my son among them, looking like them. "Think over that!" And my son, they will think he is one of them. And He will find our lost people."

So Almighty God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, says to me that he said, "I will have to make one look like them." So, He said, His father went up into the hills and there he found him a wife. A white wife. And he taken her and made a good Muslim out of her.

I don't know about that fancy that we have in the Bible that he cast seven devils out of the woman to make her fit for giving birth to This Man, The Saviour.

Now, I am not going to argue with no Theologian about it, because there is something in it to prepare a woman, that by nature, is born of the devil, to give birth to a Man destined to be the Ruler and God in Person, of the heavens and earth.

Naturally, he had to be careful in preparing his wife. (We have a very lot of this. You are not going to get through with this in fifteen minutes.)

So He says to me, or He taught me, that He was taken by His father, after He was born, and went looking for every good book or books that contained great words of wisdom spoken by great Kings and of all great people.

He said He would get a word or two for this one and a word or two from that one which was put away as a secret and he'd bring it and give it to Him. He paid the people high prices for such a word or two on the History of such-and-such man. So these things He was in preparation for a time.

Let's go back to the hills now. He says that after finding a wife for him in the hills. I am not going into that with you right now about where the hills were at and who was called the hill. I won't go into that with you right now. Some day you will hear me tell you but I want to be sure when I tell you this that the hills will welcome me to tell you.

We have from Him, He says to me, that His father married this woman and that the first child she birthed for him was a girl. And He said his father said, "Uhm, I missed that time!" So, He said, he made another try and that was Him. And, He said, he taken so carefully care of Him that He may be sent among the western people -- the Caucasian people. Of course, their real name you have known. Of course Caucasian is their name too. But their real name is the devil. But he needed one of these devil people in order to make complete…

This is not a mockery for me to stand here and call these people the devil because that's what they are. If any mockery should be done it should be done for us. If what we have made or created then the God of Black man should be responsible for the mockery. I want to give you the truth. They didn't make themselves. We made them!

Well then, you have no right to be saying that your product is no good. Well if you made it no good then don't blame that which you made for being no good, because you made it. I know I'm coming to you in a way that you didn't think about. We are here to tell the truth.

As you have in the Epistles of Paul, in the Bible, he says there concerning this same subject. He says the clay said to the potter, "Why make me thus?" Well that's right! If you are the potter, the clay was innocent until you formed it and made it in something else. If you made another piece of pottery that you made mock of, you are the maker!

We must have understanding. We can't say that there was a mistake made and we should not recognize it. No. Listen at this good. I know you pretty well. The truth is truth. If one from among us made and enemy for us. Well we don't go after his product, for doing this, we go after the maker. Why did you make us an enemy? He replies back to us, "to show what was in you. He was in you and you didn't know it. So I brought him out of you and made a form to him. " (We have got a lot of it. I think you are going to need some gloves to pat your hands).

So he made the white race by taking them from us. As the Holy Qur'an challenges them after they had been given the power to rule he reminds his creature, 'Don't forget who made you, was it you, yourself, or was it we that made you?"

This is to stop him from being proud over his maker, that he had something to do with it. We are the only created people on Earth. The Black man is a created man and the man that we call white, he is a made man from the Black man.

So since that the white race was made from the Black Nation -- the created people -- and now what was the purpose. It was the purpose to bring out of the Black man that which he didn't know that exists in him and that that which existed in him could be made also ruler if given a form. And given the knowledge of the Black man, he could rule the Black man for a certain number of years until a greater one than he has been produced by the Black man.

So this is what our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad found in us. Therefore, He came for us to save us because that we are people who belongs to Creator. We are not a made people, as I repeat. We are a created people. Therefore, getting after one that was created righteous, now, out of us this one created from us, an unrighteous people because we had that germ left in us from the creation of us. A germ that was not purified that it could not be changed into a wicked germ that we have in us today.

“We have from Him, He says to me, that His father married this woman and that the first child she birthed for him was a girl.”

Another people -- a white people -- could be made from us today, as we stand now, regardless to how righteous we may be. We still contain the germ of unrighteousness. That is why we can do unrighteousness, because the germ is still there.

So, the great scientist went after it, by the name of Yacub. So he brought it out of us and gave the germ a form -- a body, then taught that form his wisdom and told this made man, that he made, "God forth, now, be faithful, work fast, you got six days to do all of your work and after that six days, the seventh day, The Brother coming from the East, he's gonna eat you up!"

I want you to get a knowledge of This Saviour. That's what I'm working forward to. HIS purpose. HIS aims. This is what I am trying to get over to you. But I have got to bring you through history to get him to you.

He, Mr. Yacub -- the mighty scientist and maker of the white race or white man was no fool by no means, just because he made and enemy for us. This made us still great to know that in us was the germ of a whole race of people -- that we could form him and teach him then make him to rule the teacher, for a certain length of time, until the people produced one greater than he.

Now, today, this is our subject, today: "A Saviour is born". A Saviour out of the germ, out of the plunder -- out of the scrap human patch (We have got a lot of it), made out of that. Think over it.

He's made partly from the race of Yacub and partly from His own, just for the purpose to save you and me. A Saviour's Day is rightly called. That we are so beloved, we are so great a child out of the family of the Creator (Think over that!), who created the heaven and earth.

Should He let an enemy hold his child? Think over that! "No, I will go after him. Search My own earth for him and I will bring him, again, to Me."

"What you gonna do now, father?" "I'm gonna clear this mistake so it will never happen again." There will be, NEVER, a robbing or stealing away from our own, some of our people, by our enemies. No more! They won't be able to do so, for you are being taught the knowledge of the enemy and how can, now, he steal you after knowledge? How can he deceive you after knowledge? It can not be done.

So, we were so beloved that God saw that He had to make a Saviour for us. In the Bible, it says, "He sent Saviour's after us. Think over that. Sent Saviour's -- lots of Saviours, to gather you from the hands of your enemy.

This has been a grieved thing. Just the idea that God has a child being held by an enemy, whom He has power over. Should He let them remain there, since there only is a few? No! Not even one! He will forgive you your sins and then save you from the hands of the enemy, who made you sin after they robbed you of the knowledge of self. Made you, then, to follow and obey them in evil so that they could have us for a mockery before the all wise and Holy God, Allah, that you don't want to be like me. Oh no!

He has the power to take and forgive you because it is not a sin of ours. It's a sin that we were practicing because at we couldn't help ourselves from our enemies. We were reared up by enemies of our and not friends. They deprived us of the knowledge of ourselves and of themselves. And when he made us dead to the knowledge of ourselves then he called us by his names. And, now, goes to war to keep you from getting into your own. Your own names. He don't want you 'Mr. Muhammad'. He wants 'Morehouse'. He wants 'Moore'., which is not a holy names. He calls you out of your name and calls you by his name. And as long as you go in his name, you belong to him. You will soon see in a few days. You come up with his name, you go with him. Because you rightly, then, belong to him, since that you refuse yourself and you're already in him then you go on to hell with him.

This race of people -- the white race -- was not made to be saved. Some of them will live, though, for a long time. Many centuries, those who have accepted Islam. There are many more of them that still awaits their turn to acknowledge Islam. They are coming into Islam, now, very fast, because they know the day they are living in and the time. You couldn't blame them. If I were in their place, you'd wake up looking at me and you would retire at night looking at me. I wouldn't ever leave your house, because this is a race of people to be destroyed and not to give them another chance on deceiving the people.

But there will be some that stick around maybe a thousand years. But they can't go beyond the thousand years, even if they have not or if they have believed, they can't go beyond the thousand years.

I won't go into no more of that, but that is true. But a man living here today that can not hardly make it too far over fifty-four years old, he says that's okay with him if he can stick around that long -- a thousand years.

So let us not get away from our real subject of the making of a Saviour for us. Think over it, now. The Black man, He created heaven and earth and now comes to make a man. That's a small thing for Him to do, to make a man, when He'd taken one atom out of the total darkness of the universe and made Himself.

We should be happy that we are Black people! He made it so clear that He did not allow a child to be born unless that child is born out of total darkness. This is following up His Creation. Whether you are Black, white, red, brown or any color, you have got to be born out of total darkness to get on this side. So therefore, He made his word "Be" stand and steadfast. That we can't move about in the darkness nor light unless we give Him credit.

I want you to love Black because you are the universal God of all life. Regardless to what color it may be, originally it was made by Black man. There is no argument coming to you and me from the scientists of white people that you are not the original man of the Earth.

Their scientists know this because we have our mark on them. They couldn't deny it if they tried. If they know how to go into it.

We are the people to look forward to the....toward the making of heaven and earth, as we are going to do it. At least...I'm not saying I'm going to do it, but I'm helping now. This is why that you repeatedly hear something from the first. How it was done.

If you have caught up with the wisdom of that first man, then it needs a second man to change the whole thing around because you are not supposed to be standing aimless...No.

After the first God, we are practically, now, peeping into some of His art work. And finding in the root of this art work a way to change up the whole thing. This is why, again, that it is promised to you and me – a new heaven and a new earth.

Some of us say that is spiritually. Yes it is, at the present.

Saviour’s Day 1973
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

who is master fard muhammad


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