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  • By Clark Wakil
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  • Nov-26-2023

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Who is Master Fard Muhammad? Allah, whom we praise, comes in the person of Master W. F. Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, expected by the Muslims, and the anti-Christs (the devils) under the names: Son of Man, Jesus Christ, Messiah, God, Lord, Jehovah, the Last (Jehovah) and the Christ. These meanings are good and befitting as titles, but the meaning of His name "Mahdi", as mentioned in the Holy Qur-an Sharrieff 22:54 is better. All of these names refer to Him. Master Fard Muhammad is the One that will crush the devil’s world and usher in the Kingdom of Islam.

Master Fard Muhammad allowed Himself to be persecuted because he chose to suffer three and one-half years to show His love for His people who have suffered over 300 years at the hands of a people who by nature are evil and wicked and have no good in them. He was sent to jail in Detroit in 1932 and He was sent to jail in Chicago in 1933.

In preparation for the final removal of the enemy of Allah, there is one man that stands out head and shoulders above all other men -- so it would seem listening to his would be worshippers. This is highly understandable when being expressed by the unlearned, especially after experiencing what he (Master Fard Muhammad) helped to produce, which was Elijah Muhammad, as Allah's Messenger.

Most blind worshippers have no knowledge or idea how this type of Divinity is brought in and developed so it would be fool-proof, or failure proof. The plan is made and put into motion without the planner asking permission from the unlearned. Fard Muhammad was a man calculated in The Plan next to the last fraction which produces the whole -- meaning he was just before Elijah, which is the last fraction, before The Whole can be seen or witnessed. Fard was a specially prepared person that had to be made a Master to carry out the awesome task in appearing to be the pivotal point between Black and White, right and wrong, Original and grafted.

He, Fard, after finishing the said mastery, began expressing his part in said plan while at the same time discouraging the taking of pictures and/or having photographs of him "as being Allah" to minimize the confusion that said practice would produce.

We must remember that Allah has no partners and this man Fard came with a natural partner, and the Bible bears witness to this Truth -- in that Allah Came "in dyed garments", meaning that Allah came in the person of, or "a vessel produced from Original and grafted [positive and negative] (Black and white)" therefore styled as "dyed garments". The work performed by Allah while in the dyed garments was to produce His Messenger -- not a Messenger of Master Fard Muhammad, rather a Messenger of Allah.

“The plan is made and put into motion without the planner asking permission from the unlearned. ”

So it is Allah that produced the Messenger, and it is Allah that is to free us from our enemy and make us God, while bringing us out from said enemy with great substance. These few facts and Truths are difficult for the unlearned worshipper to accept simply because of the training placed on the once-slave by his slave master. They think and believe that Allah requires worship from His children, when in reality that is the very thing that will stop one from becoming God.

If the unlearned would study the duty of the Sun, they would find it operates on the same principle as its maker does -- Allah. It would be unwise to worship the Sun because it produces heat, light and germinates life and many beautiful days. Because of this the wise man utilizes the life-giving duties of the sun to his benefit. Showing his thanks for the Sun through the proper use of it's benefits. In short, the best that Fard could be is a master and a willing host for Allah -- for a short-span of time.

The Sun is going down in the West. This teaching (from Allah thru Master Fard Muhammad delivered to the masses by His Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad) will raise a powerful Sun and spirit of truth from this part of our planet by us (Lost-Found Nation of Islam), from whom God has raised.

No more will you look toward the East after this for a light of truth to come. That light of truth, which the scientists of the East were not able to give you, will come from the West.

That will change the disposition of worship. You won't look to the West, nor to the East, nor North and South for the wisdom. Everywhere you go you will find it.

The Bible says and prophesies of the truth in that day. It says you shall no more go out to Jerusalem to the temple or there at Jerusalem seeking God, but wherever you may be, you will be a temple yourself; therefore, it won't be necessary to go to no certain place, pointing out a house with truth in it, you will be the truth.

Who or What is The Mahdi? From Our Saviour Has Arrived, The Messenger teaches us what the title Mahdi means. Mahdi means the Guide, the Restorer of the Kingdom of Righteousness. Mahdi means a name of self independence. Mahdi doesn't rely on others. Mahdi is one that is coming in the last days to bring about the Judgment of the made-man. Mahdi is referred to by many as being the Son of Man. The Messenger teaches us The Mahdi is Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.

"Thanks, thanks to Allah, our God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, who was to come and has come, to restore -- Awe", who were lost from our Own -- the Kingdom of Islam -- and to destroy those who have destroyed us. Master Fard Muhammad is the God of this present time and the Black Nation Here in the Hells and Wilderness of North America are His chosen people.

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